Observation Hive plans

Observation Hive plans

Observation hive plans - exceptional and unique build design.

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(Photos coming soon) Observation hive plans - exceptional and unique build design created and improved upon what is typically found for sale.  This unique design utilizes individual frame modules that can be safely removed indoors from the hive without escaping bees!  The ease of frame removal makes the maintenance of this observation hive a snap.

I developed this plan for a local wildlife sanctuary where ease of use, ease of maintenance, and educational safety is an important design attribute.  All proceeds from this purchase will go directly to the wildlife sanctuary - what better way to give back to the local wildlife environment!

You can view the original video description of these plans:

With the purchase of these plans, I will provide solutions to all of your questions during the build process.   You may need to modify the plans to fit space, needs, and budget. I can help you along with design changes to fit your needs as well.  I ask in return you credit my plans and direct inquires for the design to my site.

Here is a link to Matt's video of a build using my plans.  Matt purchased my plans and modified to his needs.  Nice job Matt!!



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